Why it is hard to leave my family behind

I once left my wife and daughter by themselves for 2 full days. Left on a Thursday and returned on a Sunday. It was 2 really hard days. On Wednesday, I left for Seattle and I will not return until Monday. This will be 4 full days away from them, plus our son. I will try to enjoy myself. I look forward to seeing them soon. I had a good talk with Heather. I have been just there while she does all the work plus her job plus her schooling. Until she pointed out my issues, I did not see it. I will do more to make her happy and put our little family first before work and play. I know it will be a tough adjustment for me. I k
now it will take a few weeks. I know now I NEED to do this. I will enjoy hanging out in Seattle and I will have fun, but Monday cannot come soon enough.


Today’s Today

Wow; what a wild day!!! Today I accomplished a lot… I finished most of my projects that I have been working on. One of those is the NEW 86 Productions. I FINALLY decided on the design and theme. I know that I have already paid someone to revamp the entire network, but I think this will hold us over until this August.

I was also able to purchase most of the items to finish the basement. I purchased the plans for the bar (which is friggin awesome!), miscellaneous items hanging on the walls, dry lock paint, custom table plans, extra lightning, and the epoxy for the basement floors. One thing I learned about being a home owner is the extra responseability in taking care of your property. I know we need to finish the upstairs, but we are so close in finishing the basement. Well, I guess we are almost done with the kitchen (for now at least). Plus I am dreading the day we finish the floors on the lower level;lol!

Finally, I mowed the lawn (which was WAY over due) and headed over to my aunt and uncle’s to drop off Mike’s birthday card. All in all, I was able to complete and bunch of tasks. SHIT!!! I forgot to hit up the PO Box…

Finally; Finally, I have some GREAT news!!! Blake from had his podcast “It Burns When I Pee” reviewed on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show!!! FUDGE YEAH!!! Congrads Blake!!! This is a great step for you and our little project Section_86.

A big thank you goes to everyone who has supported all the talents/hosts through the last 2 years. It has been GREAT and I hope we continue this project! Now if we can only get paid. LOL!

Until next time, take care.