Why it is hard to leave my family behind

I once left my wife and daughter by themselves for 2 full days. Left on a Thursday and returned on a Sunday. It was 2 really hard days. On Wednesday, I left for Seattle and I will not return until Monday. This will be 4 full days away from them, plus our son. I will try to enjoy myself. I look forward to seeing them soon. I had a good talk with Heather. I have been just there while she does all the work plus her job plus her schooling. Until she pointed out my issues, I did not see it. I will do more to make her happy and put our little family first before work and play. I know it will be a tough adjustment for me. I k
now it will take a few weeks. I know now I NEED to do this. I will enjoy hanging out in Seattle and I will have fun, but Monday cannot come soon enough.