Funny Signs at Wrestling Events

From the website:
We’ve CENA nuff
“Triple H fears divorce.”
“RAW Spoiler: Triple H Wins!”
“HHH is holding down my sign!”
“wHHHo booked this crap?”
“Kane fears the condom”
“Edge? Head? Okay!”
Ric Flair’s cheat is under his armpits.
“Randy Ointment – Lesion Killer”
Harris Twins: #1 Inspiration for Birth Control
Big Poppa Boner (survivor series ’02)
Kane is my dentist.
My sign is more over than HHH.
stacy-do you know BEN DOVER
“Goldust raped my dad.”
Hogan Fears Aging
King of the Ring 1998 during Double J’s entrance “Ain’t I Gay”
Hunter Hemroid-eating Helmsley(seen at an episode of RAW June 1998)
Viscera ate my Dad
Big Show Please Don’t Spit on Us
De-Bra Debra
Ric Flair is the new spokesperson for the Wonder-Bra
Kane is running on FAKE Deisel power
Debra 4:69
Hey, Rock! Come smell what I just cooked!
Hey! I think I won a contest! I got these tickets for free at the door! (person at a WCW show)
What Does Everybody Want??? Sable!!!
Hogan is so old he farts dust!
Nitro just ran out of fuel
Scott Hall Cracks me up (The word ‘me’ was crossed out.)
Hey Tyson-BiteME!
Hey Mike-Did it taste like chicken?
Hogan vs. Flair…. Age in the Cage!!
Brisco Brothers Body Shop Stole My Hubcaps
Paging Mr. Ass
I didnt know what to write
Hogan Has Saggy Tits
Attention Kmart Shoppers– SUCK IT!!!
Goldberg fears competition
Emler Fudd says’WCW=Weal Cwappy Wessawing’
Chyna: toughest man in all of wrestling
Nitro Girls – Who knees ’em?
Sable-what’s their zip code?
I hitch-hiked for this match?
I like my Sunny side down
Chyna Your The Man!
WCW sux, Bischoff swallows
Vince sucks a fat one
Big Poppa Pumps Steriods
DX can suck these
Double J is an A double S
Double J…Ain’t he Gay?
I left my wife for nitro
I was in Chyna last night and it stunk
Dirty Dallas Page”
Look MA I’m on Rasslin’!!
Kimberly, Feel My Bang!
Paul Bearer collects chins
NO MORE 3:16 SIGNS. 3:16
This Space for Rent”
Hogan fears….EVERYBODY!!!!
Jerichololics Anonymous
Drunk 24:7
Give Goldberg a push
Sable, Got Milk?
Beer 3:16
Chyna is my long lost brother
I hate signs
Sable 24/7:69
I Need A Girlfriend
Sable you left your toothbrush at my house last night
Double J is Double Gay
Sable, Sunny, and Marlena: The six best things in wrestling
Val uses Viagra
Chyna Rape Me!
“Will Wrestle For
“Will Wrestle forFood” (It was some person wearing a Hulk Hogan costume)
McMahon failed SCU
Hey Sable suck it!
We love all 26 Guerreros”
I’m Drunk
Venis Has No Penis
Chyna Has No VA-CHYNA
Who Booked This Crap?
I slept with Francine and all I got was this lousy rash!
Your Paying $29.95 For This!
Steal Cable TV
HOGAN Wears Panties
We Love ERIC( held up by Bischoffs mother )
The Cork says’ know your role and plug your hole
Hey HHH, remember these? (Held up by a DX flasher)
NWO-Nash Wussed Out
Fat, Drunk Chicks 4 life
The LWO stole my wallet
My dad bought a ho from the Godfather
My sign sucks
My finishing move is firing your ass”
WWF is Better Than Porn!
Ric Flair=Nervous Breakdown WHOOO!
Goldberg = 2 moves
Lex Luger Looks Like A Caveman
Boobies Make Me Smile
Hey Sable I’ll Gladly Suck You
X-pac=Piss Break
Debra 36:DD
Hogan Fears Rogaine
Scott Stiener-Staroids=Scrunny Little Bitch
The Rock’s cookin stinks!
We got in through the air vents!
I ate va-chyna
Don’t goto Bossmans barber
WCW=World’s Cheapiest Women!
Macho=Spasum OHH YEAH”
WCW / nWo = World Championship Wrestling not Worth ordering
Sable has just won a FREE tongue bath!
Hey DDP! Kimberly just banged me!
Chyna has a nice butt– for a guy!
Chyna is my long lost brother!
Vince sucks goats balls!
WWF = We Want Fans
Pointless sign.
The point of this sign is to stop the guy behind me from seeing
How did we get in here?
We’ll trade our free tickets for some KFC! – Seen @ Nitro
Who farted?
This guy smells funny! – With arrow pointing to guy _\|
We’re on Raw and you’re not!
I’m on TV!
Scott Steiner was in Hollywood – (Hogan)
Drunk 24/7
WCW = Wheel Chair Wrestling
Chyna is my dad!
I slept with Sable!
These seats suck!
It’s 9:00! Turn on Raw! – Seen @ Nitro @ 9:00 behind the announcing booth
WCW = We Copy WWF
Condoms prevent Guerreros
Scott Hall drank my beer!
Boobs = Ratings
Sting is an evil mime
Scott Hall cracks me up!
Hunter Humps Hippos
Big Poppa Pumps Steriods
DX can suck these!
Double J is an A double S
Nation of Masturbation
Sable, Gorgeous George, and Torri Wilson: The six best things in wrestling!
The LWO stole my wallet!
My dad bought a hoe from the Godfather
My finishing move is firing your @$$!
I have the Rock’s cookbook!
The Rock’s cooking stinks!
I Luve Ma Rasslin!
OH Hell Yeah!, Front Row!
What The Fuck is that smell???
hey rock, know your mouth and shut your role
William Regal has Besmirched me
Funaki is my Dad
Mankind can put more then his sock in my mouth
WWF= Who Wants Foley
Shane and Stephanie are imbreeders
I came to see the Rock(at the 2001 Backlash in Chicago while he was suspended)
other channel jack-ass(seen on nitro)
Don’t feel bad Shane. My dad never regreted my birth, too. (seen at @ Raw before WrestleMania X-Seven).
“Viscera ate my other sign”
Barry Darsow repoed my car
IRS=Isn’t Rotunda Stupid
The Rock fears Hogan’s air guitar
This is not a Chris Benoit Sign! (King of the ring 2000)
Rikishi ate my Natchos!
I got WOOD 4 Tori! (King of the ring 2000, the table/dumpster match)
Dudleys, How about a table for 3? STEVE RAY DUDLEY! (an arrow pointing down to a guy that is dressed up like the Dudley boys)
I wanna get Xtreme with Jeff Hardy!
Hey Austin! Throw a beer over here!
I want Matt Hard – y
DX: Suck it? More like Suck Ass!
I don’t think i’m in Kansas anymore!
Lita makes us the HARDY boys!
LITA! Huricarana me!
Jazz is my dad
Scott Hall is a Jerichoholic
Jericho Holics annonimous
Hey Godfather, pimpin’ ain’t legal
Hey Godfather, voodoo wasn’t easy either
Is “DDP” related to “DDS”
Gangrel fears garlic
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Degeneration x proudly brings to you the world wrestling federation tag team champions of the world. The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn the New Age outlaws! (sign was actually full length being held by almost 100 people)
U Suck Angle
MMMM…..Trish (picture of Homer Simpson)
Speaking of candy ass, where’s Stacy?
What does everyone want? CEREBRAL PAULSEY! (sign was held behind Jim Ross)
Kevin Kelly is extreme
Jericho is a HAS-BEAN
Booker T stole my wallet
Get the “F” back in!
Vince McMahon was screwed by a panda
vince get your oWn ideas
my signs upside down (held upside down)
Stop sayin what. WHAT?
Matt Hardy drinks man milk
Get the Steph out!
Holy Hostility, Batman!
Bored (with arrows pointing everywhere)
Nash is trash
Eddie is greasier than a big mac
Planet Stasiak is in Uranus
I am a Kanenite
god bless plastic surgery!
molly is no virgin…trust us!
I’m with stupid (arrow pointing to guy in next seat)
I farted
Eat my “bizzutu”!
Rico styled my hair
Is Nitro still on? (seen on RAW, july ’99)
Stone Cold is my drinking buddy
I hate signs
My husband said if I went to another wrestling event, he would leave me…God I miss him!
Mean Gene is my dad
Booker T = Undercover Brother
Wife Beater 3:16
Unemployed 3:16
Eat your roll and shut your mouth!
Hogan is my dad (held by old man)
sid has snapped (seen shortly after sid broke his leg in jan. 01)
hhh walked into a wall with an erection and broke his nose
watcha gonna do when hulkamania walks calmly over you?
nWo= non-wrestling oldies
the next big thing: molly’s ass
hogan rules (it is funny if you are anti-hogan)
R-i-m-j-o-b (held by six different people)
Lesnar – The Next Big King
Hogan Stole My Tanning Pills
Brock ate Sid Vicious
Hogan ate my chocolate bar!
Eddie mows my grass
Molly stole my lunch!
Hogan, Act Your Age (with picture of tombstone)
hey Austin, Stay the F Out!
Hogan was a Flintstone
I tutored Chris Nowinsky
the wwf gives us wrestling. we give the wwf signs
im only here cause i couldn’t get wwf tickets (seen on wcw tv)
NWA Total Nonstop Assholes
We’re more drunk than Scott Hall! (Held by a group of people at a Nitro)
Do Not Feed The Lesnar.
Can I Have An Olympic Kiss? (Held by a really hot woman which is kinda funny if you hate him havin women love him)
Eddie Guerrero- The King of the Mullet
Time to play the Game: }{ungry }{ungry }{ippoes
today is tuesday (seen on smackdown that was taped on tuesday and shown on thursday)
undertaker respects my ass
67,000 people, only 1 x-pac fan. (wrestlemania x8)
Don’t Read This
LA PARKA (thats just disturbing)
From the website: