Last Night and more Bullshit

Jared, Mike (His friend), and I went out and hit a couple of bars. We ran into TIMMY again. He is sooooooooooooooo kewl. No he is not… Any ways, we had some fun drinking and playing pool. I cannot wait until next Tuesday to do the same.

I got into work and noticed that I got Wed and Thurs off. I became fuckin pissed. I have to work 8 days in a row. What the FUCK?!? He NEVER works more than 6 days in a row. I get stuck pulling an 8 day shift. I think I should go ahead of the boss and goto the operations guy. I think he would like to hear the stupid shit we are putting up with… Nah… He will let it go on.



Party Over Here

Hey all of yous fuckers! Come to the crib for a KICK ASS (LAME) Party!!! Call the cell or contact me through AIM… Or just email me!



It has been a while…

I cannot believe that it has been over 2 months since I last updated my web page. What the fuck am I thinking??? Any ways I thought I should give an update on my life. Since I last updated I have completed about 75% of the ParadigM DvD “Live in Lafayette, IL 10-04-03” by 86 productions. ParadigM is a band that features Chuck Harker, Andrew Hughes (for now), Mike Smith, & Tom Walenfeldt. I filled in on the vocals since someone bailed on them. The show went pretty good besides the fact I barely knew the lyrics for the songs. I will have pics up soon so everyone can check it out.

I have been working at another theater company in Pekin, IL. I really like the fact everything is not put upon my shoulders. Wow, I really like the job. Everyone there is nice and my boss is really kewl. I started skating again. Someone said something about trying out for a pro team. I know I am not that good, but then I thought that trying out for a pro team is something I tried.

I was told recently, “You are lucky. I have trouble being able to talk to people. For some reason, you never have had a problem like that. I really hate you for that… I feel now the reason you do not have problems like that and the reason everyone likes is you have charisma.” The funny thing is that it is from a friend that I have not talked to or seen in 4+ years. Do I have charisma? I guess I do. What the fuck does that word mean?


Charisma means:

A personal attractiveness that enables you to influence others
A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular  devotion and enthusiasm.
Personal magnetism or charm: a television news program famed for the charisma of its anchors.
An extraordinary power, such as the ability to perform miracles, granted  by the Holy Spirit.

Do I have those powers? I doubt it. I hope that I keep most people happy, but do I really have charisma?

I have finally come to terms with something that happened 5.5 years ago. I will be taking the next steps really soon. This time it is not a joke. I really love her. I will ask her parents again because I asked so long ago. I really miss seeing her everyday. Soon that will not be a problem. I LOVE YOU! You know who you are 😉

I just got a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Let me tell you that it is the coolest thing ever. I can pause live TV and more. I love it. Super Bowl at my crib!!!