Well, I am done waiting for Podpress to put out an update for their plugin.  I now have lost 3 more iTunes feeds because of podpress and I will put up with it anymore.  I will be removing the plugin, which breaks the site, and start over with the Blubrry PowerPress WordPress Podcast Plugin.  Right now,  I am running WordPress 2.5.1 with Podpress 8.2.  They are great, but I cannot use new plugins and new themes.  The only way around this issue is to upgrade the entire site, which can take 6-8 hours to complete.  So sometime this week, I will be taking down for the switchover.  Please follow Section86 on twitter for all the site updates.  We are looking at July 31st for the design release (and yes I completed the NEW design lol).

Another and basically the REAL reason behind the switch, we are adding three new shows to the site; Whiskey N’ Waterbeds, Misfits Radio, and Defiant Actions.  I want to expand Section_86 so much that we are releasing shows everyday.  I am in this for the long haul and I love maintaining this project.  What is going on with Vertebreaker!?  Well, we have 4 more shows taped and we will decide what goes on from there.  I am not saying we are done with the VB project, but we are improving the show all around.

If anyone has questions or concerns, contact me @  Thank you for all of your support!!!



Great News from 86 Productions and Section_86!!!

I would like to announce new designs for each site starting on January 1st, 2008. We want to bring in the new year with new projects and ALL new designs. Plus, we will continue to put out great shows like Vertebreaker! and It Burns When I Pee. From all of us at 86 Productions and Section_86, we would like to thank all of our fans for listening and/or watching our shows. We will continue to entertain and excite all of our viewers!!!

Andrew Hughes

UPDATE: We had to push back the new designs due to prior commitments.  March 16th is the NEW and IMPROVED 86Productions!! 


What is new?

It has been months since I last updated, but I do have my reasons. Will I be updating my blog anymore? Yes!!! I will try to keep updating once a week. I will try to sum up my week on a weekly basis! What has happened over the last 2-3 months? My good friend, Dave, was married. I did blow the speech again… Sorry dude! My wife and I bought a house. I bought Halo 3. I had a turd almost as good as the “J-Hook”. I watched Mike’s band 99 Souls play a bunch of shows… It is hard to look back over the last 2-3 months! I just cannot wait for the weekly updates to start!!! Make sure you continue to check out!!!